NIE is an acronym for Newspapers in Education, a nationwide program in which school textbooks and teaching materials are enhanced with the newspaper, whether in print or digital form. Textbooks cannot possibly keep pace with the technological and cultural changes that define life today.

The Daily American is a timely, relevant, real world lesson planner that encourages students to think critically and participate in the ever changing world around them. What other print media can offer the diversity of content and the community focus that is contained within the pages of the newspapers?

By providing high interest reading material that gives students insight into the world around them. NIE impacts student performance.

What does NIE stand for?

NIE is an acronym for Newspapers In Education, in print and digital. The Daily American NIE program helps teachers who want to use the newspaper as a teaching tool in their classroom. It is an up-to-date tool that helps them meet the curriculum standards set up by the state.

How can a teacher participate?

Call 444-5920 or e-mail wendys@dailyamerican.com to get signed up to receive free newspapers for your classroom. Tell us your name, school, grade, what day you would like to receive the Daily American, how many students are in your class, and do you want the print copy or the e-edition.

What does NIE sponsorship mean?

Newspapers are made available to teachers at the special price reduction - only 18 cents per issue. The Daily American picks up the remaining cost and provides all curriculum materials for free. Even with this great price some schools do not have the budget to pay for classroom newspapers. That’s when we turn to our community sponsors. We match businesses with classrooms looking to use the newspaper.