What can $115/semester or $200/school year do?

• provides newspapers for each student in one classroom, one day per week, for one semester or a year (your choice).

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." NIE believes this proverb is a key to teaching our children. Teachers who have worked with us have eagerly agreed. Communities depend on schools to help provide a literate work force, strong leaders and responsible and involved citizens. Reading the newspaper plays an integral role in developing students into such citizens. Unfortunately, not all children have the same resources. Many times the only exposure to the newspaper is the one they receive in the classroom.

As a sponsor you will:

*Help to improve the education of students in your area by bringing today’s world into the classroom through newspapers, the “living text”, one of the top-rated tools for classroom instruction. It helps students to see how the skills they are learning apply to real life and can be beneficial in almost any subject.

*Demonstrate to current and potential customers your commitment to their children

*Receive recognition in Daily American advertisements

*Receive a certificate recognizing your participation in this program.

Please consider becoming a partner in this public service program. Thanks to the excitement of teachers, students, and sponsors newspapers were in the hands of over 4,000 students!

There are few teaching tools as powerful as the daily newspaper. Like no other resource, newspapers bring textbook lessons to life with fresh, timely, real-world information students can apply to their daily lives. Newspapers are a great resource for lessons in reading, social studies, math, science, economics, even art n almost every subject matter imaginable.

To aid the teachers in teaching the students and meet the state standards the Newspaper In Education (NIE) department of the Daily American provides curriculum materials and teacher workshops.